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Peruvian Chakana Cross Earrings
  • Peruvian Chakana Cross Earrings

    SKU: 1066

    Unique, hand-made Peruvian Chakana cross Earrings inlaid with natural stones and shells. They are crafted in Cusco. Made with silver, 950 is the purest silver you can find in the world of jewellery.

    The Chakana symbolizes the dynamic between the universe and the life it contains. The ends of the Incan Chakana also represent the four main stars of the Southern Cross, an important constellation for the Inca, who believed that it was the centre of the Universe.


    Product dimension:

    Earrings length-3cm

    Earrings Width-19mm

    Earrings weight-7.60g


    All our products are handcrafted, and slight imperfections may appear.

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