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Who are we?

We are a UK based family business inspired by visits to the Amazon forest in Peru, who discovered the need to share beautifully hand crafted jewellery goods with others.


We learned a valuable lesson during our stay. It was a lesson about giving and receiving, as well as appreciation of the quality of life we have. Simple things we tend to take for granted.

As we all know, Peru is a beautiful country with many natural treasures, however, according to, approximately four million Peruvians don`t have access to drinking water.

Tap water needs to be boiled for at least a minute or purified using other methods to be safe for drinking.

That is why as a company committed to helping those most in need, we donate 10% from our profits towards supplying of water filters to people that really need them and which are a necessity in their environment, but also towards preservation of the natural rainforest.

This opportunity ensures that each customer purchasing our products gets involved in the project and can be seen as a donator, which gives a special meaning to each single purchase.

We buy our products from small artisans in Peru based on a fair trade policy that supports them and allows our customers to be part of the charitable process.

This project is also aimed to inspire and connect people to share common interests and values.

We believe everyone should have a chance to fulfil basic needs and we will be working towards finding other ways to help the people in need in future.


We also have a great respect for the wonderful Peruvian nature, especially the rainforest, which our company name and logo took it`s shape from.

The forest gave us the idea to start Las Plantas, it`s time for us to pay it back...

The Founders

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