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Peruvian Long Drop Aztec Tesoro Earrings
  • Peruvian Long Drop Aztec Tesoro Earrings

    SKU: 1069

    Unique, hand-made Peruvian long drop earrings. It is inlaid with Inca symbols such as Aztec Tesoro Tormenta Dios. It is made with natural Stones and shells and silver 950.

    Aztec Tesoro Tormenta Dios-For Elemental Power.

    Tlaloc was an essential Deity in Aztec religion; a God of Rain, Fertility and Water. He was widely worshipped as a benevolent giver of Life and Sustenance, but he was also feared for being the Lord of the decisive element of Water.


    Product dimensions:

    Earrings length - 50mm

    Earrings width - 16mm

    Earrings weight - 6.43g


    All our products are handcrafted, and slight imperfections may appear.

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