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Peruvian Huayruro Seeds Bracelet
  • Peruvian Huayruro Seeds Bracelet

    SKU: 1120B

    Unique, hand-made Natural Huayruro seeds, eye shape Bracelet. It is made with 950 silver, the purest silver you can find in jewellery.


    The Huayruro is a native plant from South America. The native Peruvians believe the seed brings positive energy, happiness, fertility, and good luck and wards off negative energy. They also make Huayruro bracelets for newborns to help keep them safe from harm.


    Product dimensions:


    Bracelet length - 20cm

    Huayruro seeds width - 5mm

    Bracelet weight - 10.53g


    All our products are handcrafted, slight imperfections may appear.

      £69.00 Regular Price
      £39.00Sale Price
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