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Peruvian Silver Circle Condor set
  • Peruvian Silver Circle Condor set

    SKU: 1163

    Unique Hand-made Peruvian silver circle set inlaid with gold Condor and Inca symbols. Made of silver 950, the purest silver you can find in jewellery.


    Condor was a sacred bird to the Incas. It is a messenger of the skies and heavens. The Incas believed heavily in the suns` God 'Inti'. They felt condor had a close relationship with their God because he could fly so high. They saw him as a link betweeen the Earth and heaven. This incredible animal carried the dead to the afterlife on its` wings.


    Product dimensions:

    Pendant with hook - L - 37mm, W 26mm, weight 3.32g

    Earrings - L 35mm, W 20mm, weight 4.16g

    Full set weight 7.51g


    All our products are handcrafted, slight imperfections may appear.

      £75.00 Regular Price
      £49.00Sale Price
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