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Welcome to Las Plantas

Here you will find beautifully made, hand-crafted jewellery straight from the Peruvian artisans. 

Our products are absolutely unique, most of the items on this website are single pieces photographed individually, which means if you buy it, no one else will be able to get the same item.

When it`s gone - it`s gone!




By importing the handmade products directly from small artisans, we feel we can make a direct impact on the lives of not only the jewellery makers but everyone involved and supported by the industry. . By buying the products from our website, you can help us make the change possible...

The founders

Las Plantas for us is not only about providing this beautiful jewellery in our online shop, in the longer term we want to support the natives in multiple ways. Our first step is donating 10 % of all profits to the Amazonian community by purchasing water filters, which will provide accessible drinking water to everyone.

During our trips to Iquitos and Nauta we visited small villages only accessible by boat. It was a fascinating insight into living conditions and everyday requirements. We were immediately inspired to help the natives in any way possible.


Las Plantas

Beautiful to wear with any ensemble, our original Peruvian handcrafted jewellery is designed to show off your unique and elegant style. Using nothing but the finest quality South American silver, every one of our items is made to last and be cherished for generations.


Our products are photographed individually, so the one you see on the photo is the one you will get. Stock is limited and new items come in regularly, so keep checking our website for new arrivals.

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